Glen Loin Loop, Arrochar

We decided that even though the fog was so thick that you could barely see more than 50 metres ahead, it would be a perfect day for a walk.

We packed some lunch, jumped in the car and travelled along Loch Long to reach Arrochar. (We live towards the opposite end of Loch Long) 

By the time we arrived and sorted out the parking the visibility was much better! 

To begin this walk you head along from the Loch Long car park towards Succoth village. You need to look for a waymarker after the bridge which shows you a path to the right of some farm houses to begin the walk.  (We missed the turn but were helped along by a local chap who told us it happens all the time ha!) 

We made our way along the route bumping into a gang of sheep who didnt want to move. 

Once you clear the initial bumpy ascents and descents (not high at all but can be slight leg burners) you are presented with a fantastic walk through the glen with the majestic views only spoiled by the electricity pylons. The walk was literally a breath of fresh air!

As you approach the halfway point the loop rises and passes a small waterfall. 

Once you hit the middle of the loop it takes you back along the opposite side of the glen towards Arrochar village. 

We had to stop in amongst some trees for lunch as it absolutely battered it down with rain! It didnt last too long though so we were soon on our way. 

The views over towards Ben Lomond and Ben Vane were redtricted due to the fog on this occasion but strangely it was still a lovely place to be. 

I took my 45l backpack but this weekend I’ll be shopping for a bigger backpack as we have a trip to Sri Lanka coming up in September which we cant wait for!!! 

Soon we could see Loch Long again and Arrochar and were on the way back to the car. 

The walk totalled about 12 miles and I would definitely recommend it for a family walk or a nice day out. 


  • Wear decent footwear as it can get slightly boggy in areas! 
  • Take waterproofs(you dont want to be caught in the downpour we were caught in)
  • Look out for the first waymarker to turn right at the very start of the journey after you cross the main road. 
  • Also not far after the waterfall look out for the path which leads left to take you back around the loop.
  • Parking in Loch Long car park is £1 for the whole day! 
  • The Village Inn at Arrochar does lovely food and has fantastic views over the hills and Loch.

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