Koh Phi Phi

Well what can I say about Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee).

 These islands are a tropical paradise about 45 minutes by speedboat from Ao Nang.  We arranged for a XL tour package and although it was a bit more expensive, it was well worth the extra money.

We set off at about 0700 after being picked up by the tour company from our hotel.  We then travelled around the local area picking up other people before reaching the boat.  There were about 4 other couples on the boat with us and before we knew it we had set off for our first destination…..

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley. 

This place is most famous for featuring in the Leonardo Di Caprio film “The Beach” and is a breathtaking place.  We set off early in order to be able to avoid the crowds even though there were still a fair amount of sightseers there when we arrived.

The beach leads into a small clearing in the trees where there are toilets and a path to an alternative entrance from the sea.  As this place forms part of the national park it is not inhabited in the same manner as the other islands.  We spent around 40 mins in the area walking along the pure white sandy beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters before whisking away towards a small lagoon which gave us the opportunity to take a dip!

Phi Phi really is a magical place from the bluest of blue lagoons which make you feel as if time stands still whilst you are swimming there to the huge limestone cliffs towering above you as you swim.  There are beautiful fish in all sorts of colours swimming around you so take a snorkel and mask.  Most tour boats have them but otherwise you can buy them locally for around 500-800 THB.

We went past the “Viking Cave” and were shown the structures in which local men use bamboo sticks to climb inside the caves and collect bird nests to make soup.  The nests apparently fetch a pretty penny.

Next we set sail to the main island Phi Phi Don.  There was a heavy backpacker vibe on the island and the whole place appeared extremely chilled out so we took this opportunity to head to the viewpoint which is an absolute must.  You head up some steep steps for about 20 minutes at a decent pace.  Take water with you although there are plenty of places to rest and take photos.

Once you reach the top of the steps there is a track which takes you to the top where the view over both bays is stunning.  There is a small shop selling refreshments and food so you can sit and relax.

 We spotted some huge spiders in the trees and millipedes on the steps which were nice to see as Ive only ever seen them in zoos. We headed down and back to the boat to travel to Bamboo Island for lunch.

Bamboo Island was amazing. Its the sort of place you see on postcards and is surrounded by clear water. We sat down and were treated to a fantastic lunch of Thai Yellow Curry, Ginger Chicken and some fruit. We then walked around the island and soaked up some sunshine before heading out to sea to do some more snorkelling.

The current was quite strong off the island so be careful if you venture more than 200ft from the beach. The fish were breathtaking and you can see this in my vlog on my youtube channel.

If you visit Thailand I would highly recommend you visit Phi Phi and Bamboo Island. They are the stuff dreams are made of and form the stereotypical images you get when you see Thai beaches in the holiday brochures.

If anyone has any more experiences they wish to share please let me know in the comments 🙂


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