We got up had a nice breakfast to fuel us for the morning and set off to the corner of Nopphathara Beach.  As the main road turns to go along the front of the beach there is a small kiosk with locals who will sell you a ticket to Railay Bay.  This place is only accessible by boat and it was 100THB each way. Bargain!

We set off from the main area where the longtails boats are kept and there where approximately 6 other people on the boat with us.  The boat cuts its way through the beautiful blue/green waters and around the corner heading east to Railay.  The trip is only about 15 minutes and along the way there are perfect opportunities for photographs to be taken of the huge limestone rock formations that rise out from the sea all around you.

Once you reach Railay West Beach the sand is a beautiful white colour and the sea is calm and warm, perfect for swimming in.

There are a few small resort areas along the front of Railay West beach but this doesn’t seem to take away the beauty of the area.

All around, people were relaxing and the vibe remained the same throughout.  If this place existed in the UK it would be over run with beachgoers with kids running around screaming and litter everywhere but this wasn’t the case.  Although we arrived early the beach never really got to the point where you couldn’t find a spot to sit and relax for the whole day.

We walked to the centre of the beach were you find an opening which has a small “Walking Street” where you can buy food, drinking and some clothing all for decent prices.

We both had Thai style pancakes which were amazing! In fact I must remember to learn how to make these at home.

Carry on through the walking street and you pass a very cool Reggae bar and begin to cut through the trees towards Railay East Beach.

We kept walking for 20 minutes or so and discovered a small farm area and a climbing rock.  We realised we had gone the wrong way and turned around to make our way back towards Railay East.  At this point the sun was absolutely baking and we stopped half way along to get some drinks and more food which, of course, was delicious!

We sat and let the world go by for a while and discussed what to do next.  We decided to continue along to Phra Nang Cave Bay.

Along the way we passed a large group of rock climbers who were scaling a huge gnarly limestone cliff.  On the trail to Phra Nang cave beach we passed an area which seemed to run alongside a cave.  As we stopped to take photographs of the caves, a large family of monkeys walked past us.  The monkeys appear to be comfortable with human presence but did display tendencies to steal anything they could get their hands on so be aware if you go here – The monkeys look cute and for the biggest part, they are.  But they will rob you blind if they can ha ha! 

 We finally reached Phra Nang cave beach and went to see the cave itself.  The cave is full of carvings of a penis which people from all over the world leave as a gift to the fertility gods.   

 There is a lot to do here ranging from swimming, hiring sea kayaks and rock climbing.  There are some beautiful trees which lay their branches on the beach so you can sit on a branch and chill out with these beautiful views surrounding you. 

The perfect place to relax. We would return here again on our trip…..


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