So long Glasgow…

So today Sam and I grabbed our bags and made our way to Glasgow airport to embark on the first leg of a three part journey to Krabi in Southern Thailand.  I’d like to say the journey went smoothly but that would be lying 😛

 After a few drinks and some food we boarded our overnight flight to Dubai with Emirates.  The food onboard was nice and the seats were pretty comfy.  I sat next to a bloke who was on his way to New Zealand and was not looking forward to his mammoth journey! (If you are reading this I hope you got there without any mishaps!)

After flying overnight you would have thought I would have managed to get a good bit of sleep under my belt but not being a fan of flying, I subconsciously opted to stay wide awake and wired for the entire flight 😦

We landed in Dubai at around 0830 local time but our connecting flight was already boarding which led to a hilarious (not at the time) mad dash through the terminals to get on the next flight but we made it!

Onwards to Bangkok, we landed around 1930 local time and this was when the fun began!

We went through to immigration with our immigration cards and waited in line with lots of other tired and grumpy travellers.  The line was VERY slow and by the time we had both got through we had to turn into Olympic runners to get to the other end of Suvarnabhuni airport in record time.

We barely made our flight with Bangkok airways due to silly connection times and long ques but we were on the final flight!!

20 mins later we were in the air and eating some delicious Thai noodles and drinking black tea.

At about 2200, we finally landed in Krabi airport. Woohoo!

We stepped off the plane and saw that it had been raining heavily (as to be occasionally expected in Thailand).  We made our way to the bus and were taken to the arrivals terminal.

Once we arrived we were informed that Ao Nang (our final destination) had been heavily flooded due to the monsoon and all local roads into the area were inaccessible. And to top that our luggage had been lost somewhere between Dubai and Krabi. The joys. (If you do go to the area be aware this can happen.  The locals are all pretty cool about it and just tend to wait around until its ok to be on the move again)

We had to sit tight in the airport for 5 or 6 hours until the roads were cleared.  During this time I consumed copious amounts of Chang beer and befriended a cockroach which I named Tony P.

But after the waiting and some scary driving we got to the hotel and everything was sweet.

Bed time!!!!



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