Paddleboarding Loch Lomond

We are fortunate enough to live 15 minutes from Loch Lomond and she really is a wonder to behold. 

This was at a good time of year to head out to Lomond to explore and get the paddleboards in the water. 

We set off from Luss beach on this occasion, however we normally go to Firkin Point a few miles further up the A82 which allows easy parking and access to the water. 

For the majority of the journey the water was very calm. We slowly made our way across the loch towards the foot of Ben Lomond which towers over the Loch. 

After about an hour we came across a small island and decided to stop for a snack. Its nice to watch the world go by here as it feels like time stands still. 

Tour boats and jetskis passed by but still didn’t seem to disturb the serenity. 

Its nice to have a moment and spend time where there arent any people around and just enjoy being a tiny part of nature. I struggle every day watching the human race destroy this planet like a virus with shoes, so at times like this I just sit and think of nothing. 

Once we had a bite to eat and took in the scenery we started to head back and timed it really well as the sun set just as we reached Luss beach again. 

Paddleboarding is good for core balance and is a great form of exercise as you are so busy looking around taking in the views you dont realise how much energy you are using. Just always remember to take food and water if you are going on an adventure! 

Loch Lomond is very good (as is the rest of Scotland) at having mood swings when it comes to the weather so always travel safely.

I look forward to when the weather is good enough to get back out there so we can enjoy what we have. 

Who needs a television when you can watch the world go by on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond?

She is very easy to access and only a short drive west of Glasgow. It can get busy around certain areas during the summer but there is always space to explore and take in the scenery. If you are lucky you might spot an osprey or some of the local deer having a swim 😊

Have a lovely day.


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  1. Oh man! This is making me miss Scotland…AND paddleboarding! Are you still managing to get out in the winter? I moved to Berlin 3 years ago and got into SUP last summer but haven’t given winter boarding a go. Maybe I’m just a big wuss!

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      1. Nice one! Ok I’m gunna grit my teeth and do it and get my wetsuit on (not quite winter here anymore but hey…still bloody cold haha!). Are you on fb at all? We have a community of active people (everything from the gym to hiking) I’d love to introduce SUP to the conversation as it’s still quite a growing community and people need to know how awesome it is! Feel free to join in and share your article if you like –

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