The good ol’ days…

I was pottering around the house today finishing off removing the wallpaper in a desperate attempt to look like I had done something productive and I found myself thinking of my childhood days back in Plymouth, Southwest England. 

The house was always fresh with windows wide open and a constant soundtrack of ace of base, bob marley, m people or UB40 playing in the background.(Mum’s favourites probably explain my love for reggae) 

I threw the patio doors open to let the fresh air in and whacked on a Bob Marley soundtrack. It was certainly fresh but then I live in Scotland now and there is definitely a bite in the air. 

I spent the next few hours sorting the wallpaper and cleaning up thinking about the good ol’ days,

when my friends and I used to play in Plymbridge woods or up the “big park”. We grew up on the same street so we knew when it was time to come in by the sound of our mothers bellowing at the top of their lungs 🙂

We used to play football until it was pitch black or tracker and end up getting lost.

Life was so much more simpler back then (obviously, we were children!) but it still seems as though something is missing now. Like they genuinely dont have it as good as we did anymore. 

We would be out playing on our bikes or feeding the horses in the field. Swinging on rope swings or riding skateboards through the streets and enjoying every minute of it. I can still smell the freshly cut grass and the wrigleys chewing gum factory. We used to collect frog spawn in buckets during the spring and raise them into tadpoles. 

Back when summers where summers and it felt as though you had forever off school to play and invent all sorts of ways to get yourself into mischief.

Nowadays it doesnt seem to happen. Of course, for me, life isn’t that simple. I have a job, a wife (no children yet thankyou!) and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. I want to travel the world and see all these cultures that are out there but life really does get in the way. So for now I’ll remain patient and wait until the next adventure.

Just something I was mulling over this afternoon! 


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